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How We Work

We get to know your business.

We start by discussing your needs to understand as much as possible about your unique situation and goals. Once a direction is determined and agreed upon, we’ll engage our resources to reach your audience and gather data. Then we’ll deliver the insights you need with reports that are rich in visuals and infographics that convey the most important information quickly and easily. 

What We Do

Understand Customers

Learn what motivates choices and behavior

  • Customer experience and journey mapping

  • Customer segmentation and profiling: Demographic, 
    psychographic and technographic

  • Gap or needs analysis

  • Voice of customer

Explore the Landscape

Identify the most promising territories for growth

  • Attitudes, awareness, and utilization

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Industry trends

  • Market demand

  • Market sizing

  • Regional segmentation

Discover Opportunity

Set achievable goals and find unconventional solutions to
reach them

  • Market potential: New market or market expansion

  • Organizational research: 
     - Sales performance
     - Change management
     - Organizational health assessment

Design the Future

Generate ideas for new products, services, brands 
and campaigns

  • Product and service development ideation

  • Product and service positioning

  • Branding development 

  • Value proposition definition

  • Features and benefits optimization

  • Price sensitivity

Evaluate Work

Gain market perspective on your products and communication

  • Advertising testing (creative and copy – concepts or executions) 

  • Product or service testing 
    (concepts, prototypes or finished products)

  • Price sensitivity

  • Website or app user experience 

Monitor Performance

Track progress over time to enable proactive response to market changes

  • Brand health: Awareness 
    consideration, use, momentum

  • Campaign performance

  • Customer satisfaction and Net-Promoter Score

  • Customer loyalty

We Work With You

Discuss Your Needs

We want to understand as much as possible about your situation and goals, so we’ll ask lots of questions to help us make an informed recommendation.

Engage Our Resources

Once a method is chosen, we put our team to work to reach and engage your audience and gather the data. We handle projects of all sizes, local to international, a handful of participants to thousands of respondents. Our in-house capabilities and trusted partnerships ensure a seamless and efficient experience

Propose a Path

Knowing there is often more than one way to get the job done, we will present you with our recommended approach and one or two optional alternatives. 

Deliver Insight

Our consultants and analysts are masters at finding the “so what?” within mountains of information. 
Because we’ve taken the time to really understand your business situation, we are comfortable offering an informed point of view in our recommendations. Our reports are rich in visuals and infographics, to convey the most important 
information quickly and easily, and
we meet with your team to review everything and answer questions. 


We offer a complete range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and research platforms.
  • Surveys: Online, phone, live intercept

  • Conjoint modeling

  • MaxDiff

  • Segmentation

  • Price sensitivity

  • Advanced analytics

  • Focus groups: Live or online

  • Online bulletin boards

  • In-depth interviews

  • User experience tests

  • Ethnography (observation and mystery shopping)

  • Secondary analysis

  • Trend and social media monitoring

  • Telephone surveys

  • Online surveys

  • Syndicated research

  • Qualitative recruitment

  • Panel recruitment

  • Intercept 

  • Mail

  • Multi-mode

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