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Data Collection

Providing Exceptional Data Collection Services

About Our Data Collection Services

Our business began and was built on a foundation of exceptional data collection service. Many things have changed in data collection over the years, but the most consistent trend we’ve seen is that despite having more and more ways of connecting through technology, people are getting harder and harder to reach for research. We are proud of our reputation for finding and engaging the toughest to reach and toughest to engage audiences.  Most independent research firms outsource data collection. We have these capabilities in-house, and our reputation for resourceful, efficient and accurate data collection has even helped us earn the business of many of our competitors. 


A few things that set our data collection services apart from other firms:

Thoughtful approach

While many data collection companies focus on production and automation, we know that getting top-notch research participants often requires critical thinking and strategy. We look at clients’ objectives and help develop the most effective data collection strategy. We proactively anticipate challenges and closely monitor to spot issues, providing ideas to adapt as needed in real time.

B-to-B access

From a specialized veterinarian to a c-suite executive, we have reliable sample and panel partners to help us get to the hardest to reach audiences, and resources to develop sample from scratch when required. We’re very adept at working refusals and gaining referrals to make the most of limited sample. 

Agile scalability

We handle projects of all sizes and scope – from a handful of recruits to ongoing surveying of thousands for syndicated studies. Our in-house phone room is capable for conducting up to 400 hours of surveying per day, and we have a dedicated space for qualitative recruiting. We can handle most local, national and international studies, fielding in multiple languages when needed. 


Many clients prefer to use their own systems, databases or survey platforms for data collection, and our flexible infrastructure allows it. We also know that some clients require multiple data collection partners, and we’re always happy to collaborate with other firms to help our clients succeed.


As global threats to data security grow ever more sophisticated and consequential, we proactively seek and adopt the most rigorous controls to protect client data. We are ISO27001 certified to provide the highest global standard for data security. 


Our data collection services include:

-        Telephone surveys and polling

-        Online survey programming and hosting

-        Qualitative study recruitment

-        Syndicated research

-        Panel recruitment

-        Live intercept surveying

-        Mail

-        Multi-mode

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