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Qualitative Research

Providing Exceptional Qualitative Research Services

Qualitative Research Services

As customer behavior evolves faster than ever in unpredictable ways, it’s never been more important to really understand the motivations, attitudes and beliefs driving their choices. Just as quickly as behavior changes, methods and tools emerge to help researchers keep the pace.


At ISG, we don’t sell tools or platforms, we sell skills to use the tools. We excel at matching our clients’ objectives and the research audience to the best method, always with one goal in mind – to maximize the participant experience. If we make it easy and fun for participants to engage in research, we succeed at facilitating the kind of dialogue that transcends an “in-depth interview” and becomes a meaningful exchange leading to transformative insight.


A few things that set our qualitative services apart:

- Breadth of services:

We embrace innovations that enhance participant experiences, always matching our clients’ needs to the right method and platform.

  • Focus groups: Live or virtual (multiple web platforms used)

  • In-depth interviews (IDIs): Live, phone or virtual with video

  • Online bulletin boards

  • Ethnography: Live observational research – virtual or in-person

  • Shop-a-longs: In-store or virtual (mobile)

  • Video diaries


While many data collection companies focus on production and automation, we know that getting top-notch research participants often requires critical thinking and strategy. We look at clients’ objectives and help develop the most effective data collection strategy. We proactively anticipate challenges and closely monitor to spot issues, providing ideas to adapt as needed in real time.

- Complex topic experience:

From technically complex subjects to sensitive topics with vulnerable populations, our experience prepares us to handle the most challenging projects.

- Broad industry and audience experience:

From surgeons and attorneys to stay-at-home moms and college kids, we’ve researched almost any audience imaginable. We also work globally and can support most languages.

- Moderating excellence:

Our moderators have decades of experience facilitating group discussions, interviews, interactive bulletin boards and more. We’re experts at eliciting the most relevant information from participants in a way that is collaborative and inclusive of clients.

- In-house recruiting:

Many research firms outsource recruitment. We have an experienced team of recruiters in-house, enabling us to deliver a higher degree of quality control.

- Turnkey deliverables:

We work with our clients to understand their preferences for reporting style and we adapt our deliverables to ensure what we provide will work well for their organizations. Findings are presented in a visually engaging way, so that anyone in the organization can quickly and readily grasp the most important insights. And because we spent the time understanding the business needs up-front, these needs are addressed clearly, so there’s no need for the client to edit the report for their internal clients and teams.

Some of our qualitative capabilities include:

  • Advertising strategy development

  • Advertising creative testing

  • Brand development and rebranding

  • Customer experience (CX) and voice of customer (VOC)

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Market expansion

  • Message development and testing

  • New market development

  • Organizational change management

  • Product or service ideation

  • Product or service testing – concepts or prototypes

  • Product positioning

  • Product or company acquisition guidance

  • Unique value proposition development

  • Website usability or user experience (UX) testing

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