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Quantitative Research

Providing Exceptional Quantitative Research Services

Quantitative Research Services

Whether helping our clients understand current issues or empowering them to predict the future, our team merges thoughtful design with impeccable execution and astute analysis to help clients make confident decisions and investments.


A few things that set our quantitative services apart:

- Thoughtful design and agile project management:

We think critically about clients’ goals and requirements, consulting with them to find the most effective research strategy and tactics. We anticipate challenges and monitor fielding to spot issues early, providing ideas to adapt plans as needed in real-time.

- Better B-to-B access:

With more and more consumer quantitative projects going the DIY route, we have to excel where technology fails. We have an unmatched reputation for success at reaching and engaging the toughest B-to-B audiences, even earning the data collection business of many of our competitors.

- Compatibility:

Our collaborative approach extends to integrating client-preferred platforms for data collection and sample management when needed. We also understand that some clients require multiple data collection partners, and we’re always happy to collaborate with other firms to help our clients succeed.

- Perspective:

Rather than dry summaries of data, our reports clearly convey the big picture answers clients seek, along with actionable recommendations they can follow, all supported by a level of detail they can digest. Confidence in our familiarity with clients’ situation and confidence in the quality of our research enables us to feel comfortable forming a point of view and making recommendations that support critical decision-making.

- Higher security:

As global threats to data security grow ever more sophisticated and consequential, we continually seek and adopt the most rigorous controls to protect our clients. We are ISO 27001 certified to provide the highest global standard for data security. This certification gives clients reliable and defensible proof that all aspects of data protection are actively managed and independently audited.


Some of our quantitative capabilities include:

  • Brand awareness and health assessments

  • Conjoint

  • Customer experience (CX) and voice of customer (VOC)

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Market expansion

  • MaxDiff

  • Message development and testing

  • New market development

  • Pricing

  • Product or service development

  • Product or service testing – concepts or prototypes

  • Product positioning

  • Segmentation and persona development

  • Unique value proposition development

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