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Public Sector

Providing Market Research for the Public Sector Industry 

Our Services In The Public Sector Industry
Over the past two decades we have enjoyed serving many public sector organizations to help them better understand the communities they serve and to adapt to relevant trends. Our experience allows us to design thoughtful research approaches that provide the confidence that stakeholders require while operating within budget constraints. 

Our public sector experience includes:

Commuter studies

We’ve conducted numerous studies for clients in public transportation to understand commuter patterns, commuting trends, resource awareness and attitudes. This work helps their communication teams develop strategies to increase utilization, while also helping guide new service development within the agencies. This work often requires onboard intercept surveying and other less conventional data collection approaches to ensure adequate demographic representation.

Recycling studies

For the past 12 years, we have helped design and fulfill recycling studies for a large Minnesota county. This quantitative research tracks changes over time in recycling awareness, behavior and attitudes among residents and businesses. Insights guide the county’s development of public education, communication and programming initiatives.

Social services research

Several Minnesota counties have relied on us for research to guide development and promotion of social services offerings. These studies can involve sensitive topics with under-represented populations, and we have the experience to plan and execute effectively under these conditions. Studies have included topics of nutrition, fostering and adoption, mental health and use of various health and wellness services.

Parks and trails

We have collected data for several cycles of the Metro Parks and Trails Visitor survey. This survey is administered through live intercept method, with a high level of strategic planning, project management and quality control to meet complex sampling requirements.

Economic impact studies

One of our clients has contracted us multiple times to collect data for their airport economic impact study. They are fielded through a complex intercept in terms of project management and planning to ensure appropriate terminal and flight coverage. They also require specialized interviewer compliance training and certification to meet TSA security regulations.

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