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Advertising and Marketing

Providing Market Research for Advertising and Marketing Agencies and Consultants

Our Services For Advertising And Marketing Organizations

We understand that it’s harder than ever for advertising and marketing consultants to earn and retain client business. We have a keen interest in helping these businesses achieve and sustain a position of thought leadership with their clients. 


Even if they have in-house research, strategy or planning resources, agencies and firms may run into bandwidth constraints or need help with an unfamiliar methodology. Sometimes they need a neutral party to bring additional credibility to the table. We can serve as an extension of the team to help fill in any gaps, a partner to rely on whenever a need arises. A few things that make us a uniquely valuable resource:

Advertising agency experience

Our lead consultant led brand planning and strategy practices for two agencies prior to joining ISG. She understands the type of information advertisers need to develop concepts and campaigns and knows how to adapt research findings and recommendations to the distinct needs of creative teams and account or client teams.

Breadth of relevant research experience

Sometimes consultants just need “quick and dirty” secondary research on industry trends and the competitive landscape to help inform a new business pitch. Other times they may need comprehensive, ongoing brand performance tracking to demonstrate ROI. Whatever the type or scope of research need, we can cover it.

Turnkey deliverables

Many of our agency clients were accustomed to dry summaries of data that they had to interpret and polish for presentation to their clients. We design our studies with the deliverable in mind, and synthesize findings into a concise and engaging story. We are comfortable offering our point of view on findings and giving actionable recommendations. Our reports are more visual than narrative, and presented in a way to either inspire strategy, creative or both. We can work in our template and brand voice, or the client’s or the end client’s. Our clients love that they don’t have to do much, if anything, to our work before presenting it.

Service flexibility

We offer truly ala carte service. Whether needing complete support from design through analysis and reporting, or just data collection or moderating, we can fill in any capabilities or bandwidth gap.

Role flexibility

We can operate entirely anonymously behind the scenes or take a seat at the table with end clients.  


The services we offer our advertising and marketing clients vary widely, but often include:

-        Advertising testing

-        Brand development 

-        Brand performance

-        Campaign development 

-        Campaign performance

-        Competitive landscape

-        Consumer trends and behavioral drivers

-        Industry trends

-        Journey mapping

-        Persona development 

-        Segmentation 

-        User experience 

-        Value proposition development

-        Website usability testing

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