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Providing Market Research for the Manufacturing Industry 

Our Services In The Manufacturing Industry
We are very proud to work with some of the most reputable global manufacturers, providing them with the insights they need to develop innovative solutions that impact the world dramatically.

Our manufacturing industry experience includes:

Customer satisfaction/voice of customer

Understanding customer experience is critical to ideating and determining potential paths for improvement and invention. We’ve conducted countless quantitative and qualitative studies to assess our clients’ performance from their customers’ perspective.

Product development

One of the most common applications of market research in manufacturing is to support product development efforts. Whether imagining a completely novel innovation or improving upon existing offerings, we prescribe and design the right research to ensure our clients’ products are positioned to succeed in their markets.

Concept testing

Once product development has started, we work closely with product managers, designers and engineers to help prioritize features based on their true importance to customers. Depending on the need and audience, we customize qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies to maximize product value, utility and appeal.

Process improvement

Some of our clients have had us investigate various aspects of manufacturing processes to ensure that their own processes are as efficient, safe and environmentally sound as possible.

Market extension

When considering entering unfamiliar or less familiar territories, our clients value guidance that comes from primary or secondary research on relevant market dynamics such as competitor activity, market share, purchase cycles, purchase requirements, product support requirements and more. This kind of intelligence helps them assess the risk-to-reward ratio and to understand the types of resources and infrastructure investments they need to make to branch out most effectively.

Competitive landscape assessment

Most projects incorporate some level of competitor evaluation. We employ secondary and primary methods to learn what’s happening with the competition so that our clients are sure to offer differentiated yet meaningful products, services and value propositions.

Strategic acquisition decision support

Some of our manufacturing clients occasionally evaluate prospective acquisitions to broaden their product and technology portfolios. We’ve conducted secondary market landscape assessments and supplemented by interviewing customers of the acquisition target companies to learn more about customer satisfaction, purchase cycle, product and service needs and other vendor selection criteria. This insight helps these clients determine how well a prospective acquisition aligns with their existing brand and framework, and how much investment will be required to integrate successfully


Some of our manufacturing clients’ industries:

  • Adhesives

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Building materials

  • Chemicals

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Construction equipment

  • Electronics

  • Energy

  • Filtration

  • Food and beverage

  • Healthcare/Med tech

  • Laboratory supply

  • Landscape equipment

  • Life sciences

  • Plastics

  • Power supply and generation

  • Tools

  • Transportation

  • Water


Our studies have included these audiences:

  • C-level leadership

  • Consumers

  • End-users (all industries)

  • Engineers

  • Plant managers

  • Equipment operators

  • Procurement 

  • Product designers

  • Product developers

  • Product managers and directors

  • Supply chain partners

  • Technicians

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