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Providing Market Research for the Legal Industry 

Our Services In The Legal Industry

For more than two decades, our clients in the legal solutions industry have relied on us to connect them to all types of legal professionals for reliable intelligence that continually inspires and drives their innovations.   


Legal professionals are notoriously hard to reach and engage. Over the years we have accumulated and developed proprietary resources to aid in our ability to deliver highly efficient data collection with every type of legal professional. Our consultants offer deep experience asking the right questions to elicit the most actionable insight from these audiences.


Our legal industry experience includes:

Market landscape

We identify key trends that impact legal professionals and the organizations that employ them. Our clients rely on us to help them keep up with dynamic shifts in the industry and in legal practices to inform their marketing strategies.

Product development

Our studies often help clients generate or test response to ideas for new tools and services. Other times, we’re eliciting opportunities to improve upon existing solutions. Nearly every project, whether directly or indirectly, provides some intelligence that may spark new ideas for ways in which to add value to legal professionals.

Satisfaction and retention

With competitive threats growing from other professional service providers and do-it-yourself tools, it’s critical to understand customer satisfaction from a variety of angles in order to retain and grow business.

Long-term growth

To ensure future business health, clients keep up with needs, interests, values and priorities of emerging legal professionals and their prospective employers. 

Marketing and brand development

Just as busy legal professionals are hard to reach for research, they are equally difficult to engage through marketing. Our research helps clients define their value propositions and to prioritize messages and media channels for maximum impact and return.


Our studies have targeted these audiences within all sizes and types of law firms and within corporate, government and law schools:

-        Attorneys – all levels

-        Partners

-        C-level leadership

-        Librarians 

-        Law school faculty

-        Law school students

-        Judges

-        Corporate counsel

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