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Providing Market Research for the Healthcare Industry 

Our Services In The Healthcare Industry

Our healthcare experience covers many different segments within the industry, as well as numerous types of organizations and audiences. Serving these organizations is especially rewarding, as it gives us a chance to bring the voice of consumers, providers and other stakeholders to the table, using thoughtful and conscientious research to guide our clients toward confident decisions that improve lives. Whether you are a startup or Fortune 500 company, launching a new brand or developing a breakthrough innovation, our expert consultants will help you define your learning needs and create a research plan to answer your critical questions.


Privacy and data security are of paramount importance in healthcare research. We are ISO 29001 certified – a step beyond HIPAA compliance – ensuring that your information and your customers’ information is protected to the international standards of data security. 


Gaining access to consumers and professionals in healthcare is extremely challenging. Getting busy professionals engaged and interested in participation is even harder. For more than 20 years, we have leveraged our in-house resources and trusted sample partners to successfully survey, recruit, design and fulfill studies relating to nearly every major specialty, and with each of these participant segments:

  • Patients: Healthcare consumers with hundreds of different types of health conditions

  • Providers: General practitioners and all types of specialists, surgeons, interventionists, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses (all levels), nurse navigators, physical therapists and physiatrists

  • Administrative: C-level hospital leadership, procurement, medical assistants, care coordinators, care navigators and financial coordinators or counselors

  • Benefits: C-level and directors making insurance benefit buying decisions, HR benefits administrators, benefit consultants and benefit brokers

  • Pharmacy: Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

  • Development: Engineers and lab professionals

Health Insurance

We help our health insurance clients find opportunities to gain efficiencies without alienating providers or compromising patient care. Specific expertise includes:

  • Health plan configuration: Determining optimal health plan configuration to maximize member or prospect satisfaction and payer savings and profitability

  • Member satisfaction: Improving member experiences by listening to the voice of customers, including members and providers

  • Service development: Inspiring development of new offerings and testing appeal and viability of ideas in process

  • Sales: Informing sales strategies and tactics

Hospitals and Clinics

The landscape for hospitals and clinics is rapidly changing, with mergers and acquisitions creating tensions and questions about what legacy characteristics to retain and leverage and where innovation is required to better compete. Our specific expertise includes:​

  • Branding: Inspiring hospital branding, rebranding and post-merger or acquisition brand development 

  • Advertising: Testing appeal and relevance of campaign messages and creative executions 

  • Attitudes, awareness and utilization: Measuring interest and potential use various new services

Medical Technology and Devices

There is perhaps nothing more rewarding than providing insight that directly guides the development of life-saving or life-improving technology. Our research supports product development, market development and expansion, and promotion and sales of new and existing technologies.


We’ve covered most medical specialties, including anesthesiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, sleep medicine, sports medicine and urology. Studies have included:

  • Branding: Inspiring branding and value proposition development for corporate, device category and individual devices

  • Advertising: Testing appeal and relevance of campaign messages and creative executions

  • Brand health: Checking performance of campaigns and monitoring progress toward goal achievement

  • Market demand: Exploring opportunities to extend into existing adjacent markets or creating new markets 

  • Product development: Ideating to inform development of innovative solutions to address unmet critical needs

  • Product testing: Evaluating concepts and prototypes 

  • Awareness and utilization: Understanding patient, provider, and/or administrator awareness of services or products, perceptions, opinions and challenges or barriers to use

  • User experience and usability testing: Assessing usability and user experience of websites

  • Sales performance: Evaluating needs of customers against strategies and tactics employed by sales professionals

  • Persona development: Creating detailed psychographic profiles of prescribers based on values, drivers, attitudes and behavior

Pharmacy Benefit Management

We have designed and implemented dozens of comprehensive and ad-hoc studies to help PBMs better understand consumer, prescriber and pharmacist experiences and needs. This work has enabled our clients to develop value-added services and products to bring greater levels of efficiency, simplicity and safety to the healthcare system. 

  • Customer experience and journey mapping: Plotting out experiences of customers including consumers/members, pharmacists and prescribers

  • Market potential: Testing appeal and feasibility of implementing new service ideas with consumers/members, pharmacists and prescribers

  • Persona development: Creating detailed psychographic profiles of prescribers based on values, drivers, attitudes and behavior

  • Customer satisfaction: Measuring and tracking changes in member and provider satisfaction over time

Wellness Programs

As companies seek to help their employees achieve better health, many wellness program offerings have emerged to facilitate health education, goal setting, health improvement and disease prevention. Our studies have helped these types of organizations improve the usability and content of their wellness platforms to maximize user engagement and increase the value users realize from these tools.

  • Service testing: Evaluating service concepts to maximize utility

  • User experience and usability testing: Assessing usability and user experience of online portals and sites

  • Content testing and development: Evaluating copy and visuals for appropriate voice, relevance, appeal and motivational qualities

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