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Providing Market Research for the Education Industry 

Our Services In The Education Industry

Our clients in the education sector count on us to ensure that they stay relevant and competitively differentiated by offering the right mix of programming and services to students. We have worked with many education clients to boost enrollment, improve student experiences and maximize retention. 

Our education industry experience includes:

Programming development and feasibility


To determine program changes or additions, our clients often seek input from students or prospective students and parents to understand their changing needs, expectations and the motivations behind their decisions. In higher education, studies may also include employers from relevant industries to aid schools in closing any gaps between what employers want and how schools are preparing students for the workforce.

Satisfaction and retention

We have helped schools identify issues in curriculum, culture and marketing that correlate to dissatisfaction and subsequent decreased enrollment and/or student defection. Applying our recommendations, clients have realized measurable returns on their research investments.

Marketing development

Sometimes challenges stem from inaccurate perceptions that can be resolved through changes in marketing communications or public relations strategies.

Alumni engagement

Alumni are often a key source for referrals and donation funding. We have conducted studies to identify ways to better engage alumni and maximize their contributions to institutional growth.

Our studies have targeted these audiences:

-        Prospective students

-        Current students

-        Alumni or former students

-        Parents

-        Faculty – teachers and professors

-        Hiring professionals 

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