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Providing Market Research for the Consumer Industry

Our Services In The Consumer Industry

Over the past 15 years there has been an explosion of new tools designed to simplify consumer research, enabling and encouraging clients to do much more research than ever on their own. Although the tools can be highly intuitive and effective, it’s still valuable to consult with an experienced research partner for the following reasons:

  1. It’s important to match the right methodology and tool to the situation in order to get the most out of the research. It can be tempting to go with what seems like the newest, most technologically robust or easiest tool for clients to use, but we will make sure it’s the best one to get the answers and insight needed from the respondents.

  2. It’s important to know how to find and reach the most consumer audiences. We can help clients see their research problem from a variety of angles and present options for targeting and sampling strategy that they may not have thought of themselves. We have a number of sample and panel partnerships to leverage, and experience with social media recruitment.

  3. It is more critical than ever to ask the right questions in the right way, because consumers are hard-pressed to give us much of their time or attention.  Surveys and discussion guides need to be carefully designed to increase respondent engagement and improve response quality.

Our consumer experience includes:

  • Customer experience (CX), voice of customer and customer satisfaction: While the terminology for this type of research may change every few years, the main objective is always understanding the experiences customers have with our clients’ organizations, representatives, services and/or products.

  • Journey mapping: In order to positively impact customer experience and maximize product or service potential, it can be valuable to understand the path consumers follow and which aspects of the organization they interact with, as well as their motivations and challenges along each journey. These maps help our clients see their brands more clearly through the consumer lens.

  • User experience (UX): There are a number of different tools and methodologies for getting a more detailed look at how consumers use a product, website or app. We love user experience research because it tends to be one of the most economical yet highest value types of studies we can do – with very few participants we find specific ways to improve experiences that immediately enhance usability. This, in turn, can have long-term impacts on affinity, loyalty, conversion and retention.

  • Product testing: Whether looking to develop a completely new concept for a product or to make an enhancement to something tried and true, we work with stimulus such as illustrations, diagrams and 3-D prototypes to help clients fine-tune (or in some cases start again from scratch), ensuring the products they bring to market are positioned to succeed.

  • Brand and advertising development and testing: Our in-house brand planning and advertising research experience makes us the ideal partner to help agencies and end-clients develop meaningful and emotionally compelling brand positions, unique value propositions and campaign ideas. Our thoughtful approaches to research yield insight to aid creative ideation, which we can then test to optimize effect in the most appropriate media channels.

Consumer industries we’ve covered:

  • Automotive

  • Banking and financial services

  • Consumer packaged goods

  • Convenience stores

  • Education

  • Electronics and technology

  • Food and beverage 

  • Garden and landscape

  • Healthcare 

  • Home improvement

  • Hospitality and leisure

  • Personal care products

  • Pet care

  • Recreation, fitness and sports

  • Retail

  • Utilities

  • Wellness

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